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Established in February 2001, located in Yingkou Road, Urban Industrial Zone of Rushan City, Shandong Province, China. 
The Company now has 260 employees including 100 males and 160 females and fixed assets at 8 million US dollars. Besides, it covers an area of 22,000m? with building area at 13,800 m?. 
The Company is a professional enterprise mainly dealing in the manufacturing of sweaters of various gauges, hand-crochet, hand-embroider, etc. and knitted and woven fabric garment. And its products are mainly sold to tens of countries and areas such as USA, UK, Italy, Japan, etc.The Company is capable of manufacturing 3,000,000 pieces of sweaters with annual export volume of 20 million US dollars. 
The Company owns 74 sets auto-knitting machines, include 56 sets “STOLL” made in Germany, 120 sets linking machines, 2 sets pass needle detectors and 18 steam ironing stands. Besides, it also has 2 complete sets of equipments such as large washing machines, spin driers and heating dryers,3 sets per each, lock-stitch machines and flat sewing machines,12 sets normal sewing machines, etc.The afterfinish workshop of the company is designed and followed the standard of Japanese traders, the inspection procedure is parted from needle detection and packing procedure. The daily average afterfinish capacity is above 8000 pieces.The Company have a branch factory in Rongcheng city, it covers an area of 4,000m?, owns auto-knitting machines 29 sets. The company owns 103 sets auto-knitting machines in total.
The Company keeps permanent cooperative business relationship with Japanese traders such as CROSS COMPANY,ITO YOKADO, CROSS PLUS,DISNEY,NI TEISHO. American traders such as WALMART,LEVIS, DILLARDS,TJ MAXX, SEARS,PVH,DISNEY, DEBENHAMS, BIG LOTS, DRESS BARN, JENNYFER, SIMPLYSHE INC, etc. The company has related factory audits(Social responsibility/ C-TRAT/ Quality system) and get ID Authentication. The Company has been enjoying great popularity among all clients and obtaining excellent achievements since the day of its establishment.



事業一部 Tel:0086-631-5910266/277
事業二部 Tel:0086-631-5910299
事業三部 Tel:0086-631-5925235
事業五部 Tel:0086-631-5206689


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